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Quality Manager

Charlotte, NC / Full Time

Job Description:

America In Motion is currently seeking to hire a Quality Manager to join our team. The candidate will be in charge of documenting our procedures and adding to our quality procedures to ensure operations run smoothly. 

Job Type: Full-Time 

Benefits: 401(k), Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Optical Insurance 


•    Maintain quality assurance objectives complementary to corporate policies and goals
•    Implement methods to inspect, test and evaluate products and procedures 
•    Ensure all equipment, materials, and services are reliable to meet the required standards of performance efficiency
•    Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing data
•    Track products through the manufacturing process to guarantee that each part of the process is correct
•    Perform detailed and recorded inspections of final products so the products are up to industry and company standards
•    Maintains knowledge of government and industry quality assurance codes and standards
•    Oversee the investigation and resolution of customer feedback regarding technical or quality issues
•    Perform other related duties as assigned


•    Bachelor’s degree in related field (Preferred)
•    2+ years experience as Quality Manager or related career (Preferred) 
•    Some knowledge of AGVs to perform accurate quality control (Preferred) 
•    Familiarity with quality standards and processes to follow federal, state and local regulations



•    Organizational skills including attention to detail and ability to multitask 
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•    Strong leadership skills
•    Interpersonal skills
•    Effective at problem-solving
•    Ability to delegate effectively
•    Able to manager time well
•    Analysis, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to review systems, find flaws and pose solutions to those flaws


Hiring Company Description: 

America In Motion Inc. offers 30+ years' experience in the design, build and implementation of custom designed Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGVs). We focus on systems that provide automated material handling solutions featuring AGV technology, Robotics, and other forms of factory automation.  

AGVs are Vehicles similar to an electric forklift that drives by themselves. They are battery operated and computer controlled. Designed to carry 50 lbs up to 50,000 lbs.


Interested in becoming our next Controls Engineer? Please send your resume and cover letter to our hiring manager, Tommy Hessler. 

Absolutely NO headhunters permitted! 

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